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Oct, 2018


FIELD DAY!!!- JUNE 15th:  2019 BLL field day notes.  June 15, 2019 – 8am – 4pm

8:15am-11am – Coach Pitch and awards.  Volunteers arrive 8:00 am. Players arrive 8:15 am.

11:15am-1:30pm – Player Pitch and awards. Volunteers arrive 11:00 am.  Players arrive 11:15 am

1:30pm-3pm – Challenger Game and awards.  Game from 1:30-2:30 pm. Awards 2:30-3:00 pm.

3:15pm-5pm – Majors and awards.  Volunteers arrive 3:00 pm. Players arrive 3:15pm.

Each BLL player is invited to participate.  Participation is optional. Anyone arriving late is not guaranteed to get to each station.

There will be 7 stations including lunch.  The stations will be 10-12 minutes long to ensure we do not fall behind.  Lunch is free of charge to all children participants. Adults and children not participating are still eligible to purchase lunch at our canteen.

Each station will be set up so all kids can participate and it can move quickly.

Each level of play will be broken up into 7 equal groups.  Each group will be assigned a station to start at after orientation.  

At the end of each station (on the sound of the horn), groups will hussle to their next station together.  This will continue until each group has completed each station. No one will leave a station until all stations have completed.

Stations will, ideally, have a minimum of 2 volunteers.  Volunteers will quickly let each group know the rules, then run the station until each player has had their turn to participate.

Each station will have a clipboard with a list of all the BLL league members (coach pitch, player pitch & Majors) so scores can be kept track of and recorded.

Station volunteers will keep track of time, points, speed etc at their station and have 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each age group recorded for the award presenters at the conclusion of each age level.

Certain stations will have a playoff after all stations have been completed.  Volunteers should be prepared to call kids back to their station if needed. Playoff rounds will happen concurrently as long as all players in playoffs can participate (some may be in more than one playoff).  Ground ball knock out will be last with all participants as spectators at the end.

Awards presentations will be 15-30 minutes upon completion.  Ribbons will be awarded for each event for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

This year’s stations will be:

Timed base running – fastest 3 from home to home in each age level while touching all bases.

2). Soft Toss HR derby (Coach Pitch) – Most HRs wins with tiebreakers if needed.   Players will hit from close to the outfield fence.  Tennis balls will be used.

Outfield Assist (Kid Pitch and Majors) – Players will throw from an outfield distance into the three cans laying on their side for points.  Most points will win.

Speed Pitch – Fastest pitches according to the radar gun.

Hot Shot Knockout – Ground ball knockout.  Finals will be before the awards on Field 1.  Last person alive from each smaller group will be in the finals

Pitching accuracy – Each player will get 3 pitches from the mound to hit the targets at Cage 2.  Finals to determine winners after stations are complete.

Bunting contest – Most points accumulated with 3 bunts.  Point sections will be marked in a grid in front of home plate on the Cage 1 practice diamond.

Lunch – Each group will have lunch as one of their 7 stations.

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