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Mar, 2019

BASEBALL FUNDRAISER -Manditory All Players (excluding teeball)- Please Print once Registered

bll baseball fundraiser 2019.pdf 

Biddeford Little League provides a safe and fun atmosphere for baseball & softball instruction, training, and games for approximately 400 children.  Our programs start in February of each year and continue through August.  During this time we do not receive any funding from the city, and we are a strictly volunteer organization.  The young man or women selling you this calendar is looking forward to a wonderful fun filled spring and summer.  The individual cost for each participant in 2018 was approximately $200 dollars.  We ask for nothing more than your registration fee and this fund raiser.  Biddeford Little League in connection with Varsity Biddeford Baseball provides a winter clinic and instructions each Sunday of the month this year starting in February.  In the 2 months during the regular season there is over 20 hours of instruction and practice, combined with 24 hours of games.  This is an investment of $4.50 an hour or less.

Little League provides today’s youth with much more than baseball & softball skills.  It establishes values, responsibilities, teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship.  At Biddeford Little League we believe these fundamental building blocks are critical in the development of our youth.  Through your participation in the calendar fundraiser you are helping to support not only the young child athlete in your life, but the many other children that participate in our program.

Your Confirmation on Registration has attached you find 12 fundraising calendars.  These will be sold for $5.00 each.

In order to accomplish our goals this year, we need a successful fundraising campaign. This year we will continue to use the calendar fundraiser.  As an extra incentive, we will once again award a 100.00 gift card to the player who raises the most money in each division.  On top of that, the chance to win the calendar drawing yourself is always there as well.  So please do your part in our only major fundraiser of the season.  All funds raised go right back to the players in one form or another.

BUY OUT OPTION: $50 for one participant.  NO option for two or more participant(s).  Families with two or more children in the league only need to sell ONE set of Calendars.  Proceeds will be split evenly among siblings for prize distributions if eligible or within different divisions or leagues (softball & baseball).  Once you have exercised the option to buy out there is no chance to WIN any of the weekly drawing amounts!

 A posting of all the winners will be kept daily as names are drawn.  This will be posted starting on June 1st at the concession stand and online.

Concerns or questions or in order to receive extra calendars please call:
Jennie Langevin

[email protected]

bll baseball fundraiser 2019.pdf

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